A few things I’ve been noticing in Japan:

1. The quality of the produce & dairy products is great.
The egg yolks are a vibrant orange & taste wonderful scrambled, the milk, despite being ~8% fat (the norm in Japan), is flavorful and almost hearty.

The carrots are HUGE.

Like in the U.S., the fresh food is more expensive.  Eggs are about $2 for a dozen, but are sold in packs as small as four.  I can’t recall the price of milk, but it’s nothing extraordinary.  The carrots were 168 ¥ and the tomatoes were about the same.

So far, the only outrageously priced things I’ve seen have been Old El Paso taco shells for $5 at the international food store and potatoes at the supermarket closest to us cost $2 for a three-piece bag.

That’s not to say that they don’t have some interesting flavors:

fried chicken & cheese fry Pringles

We’ve also had an Apple Oreo Cookie bar.  It’s now our garbage air freshener.

2. Japanese fashion is awesome.
I’m not talking about Harajuku or Ganguro girls, either.  Super-cute boots are hugely popular here.  Lots of feminine items; cute, very short skirts; denim shorts; brightly colored tights; super-cute hair & headbands.  I’ve also noticed many Japanese women wearing turtlenecks underneath their cute tops.  The UNIQLO near our apartment has a wide selection of them, as did the UNIQLO we saw in Shibuya station.

3. Japan is obsessed with plastic.
It takes us a good half hour to unpack everything when we come home from shopping.  Everything is packaged, then packaged again.  I have yet to purchase anything yet that didn’t have plastic.  Little containers of milk have plastic pull-tabs on the inside.  Most vegetables come pre-wrapped.  Post cards come in resealable plastic bags. …the plastic garbage bags come in a plastic bag.  There’s even a separation of garbage down to the kinds of plastic: hard – bottles/things you can drink out of and soft – baggies, wrappings, basically the stuff everything is packed in.

Along with being packaged 4 slices to a sleeve, this bacon (which, btw, if you didn’t notice is a perfect rectangle) is connected by a long sticker that wraps all the way around (the third section is missing… that was yesterday’s breakfast.)

Check out an update here.


About Michelle

I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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One Response to Observations

  1. Klarika says:

    “That’s our ~DANGEROUZ~ garbage”
    haha I have some of that Crunky in my drawer right now. It’s like a Nestle Crunch bar with less sugar.

    Loved your video 😀

    and here’s some food for thought:

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