Christmas Eve

Today was Christmas Eve in Japan!

We did a bit of last minute Christmas shopping for each other and I decided to hit up the 100 Yen store (dollar store to you ‘mericans).

In Japan, Christmas isn’t really the family holiday it is back home.  It’s actually more of a chicken holiday.  Most stores & restaurants have advertisements to buy fried chicken, and when we walked past KFC earlier they had four tables covered in buckets of fried chicken followed by a life-size statue of the Colonel in Christmas gear.  (I’ll try to get a pic of it tomorrow).

And for the young adult crowd, it’s more like Valentine’s Day.  When a guy asks a girl to go out on Christmas Eve, it’s serious.  Why?  Because they’ll be going to a “love hotel.”  A pay-by-the-hour joint, they’ll have some dirty sex.  Definitely not the same Christmas I grew up with…

Wanting to embrace a bit of the Japanese Christmas traditions, we decided to head back to Mosburger to get real beef burgers this time, and boy was it good!

We also hit up Starbucks on the way back.  On principle I won’t order anything with coffee from them, so I got a matcha (ground green tea) frappuccino.  SooOo good.

And, of course, since it’s Japan we got a gift from the store.

That little container of clear liquid is not water, I found out.  It’s simple syrup.  Between that and my tea I’m pretty hyper right now.

I also forgot that this was on my face half the day:

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Make sure to check out Mike’s post about today.  He’s got a pretty great Christmas video up.


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I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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