Shinjuku (re)visited

Tuesday night we made a somewhat impulsive decision to visit the Shinjuku section of Tokyo in the morning.  Now, I know we’re not in New York, but I think subconsciously I felt the need to stock up on goods on account of the snow (it’s actually getting pretty cold here in Oyama).  We were seriously low on coffee, and that’s never a good thing.

Oh, and before that we went to Shimokitazawa, where Mike’s beloved Bear Pond Espresso is located.  He said everything I’d like to about their delicious coffee, so have a read here:
The coffee was delicious and Katsu, the barista/proprietor, was as friendly and as helpful as Mike made him out to be.

The one thing that’s still taking time for me to get used to is staring… both being stared at and staring.  For a culture that’s so polite, I’m getting gawked at quite a bit (though everyone I mention it to reassures it’s out of simple curiosity).  I’m also getting used to myself staring at foreigners.  Naturally, I couldn’t help noticing the all out whitefest outside of Bear Pond Espresso when we went.  There were a group of people in Patagonia-type jackets taking photos of themselves outside and a girl with a pixie haircut inside.  How hip!

I wanted to go to New York Joe Exchange after seeing
Mike’s photos of it from his solo trip to Shimokitazawa.
I bought mad cool glasses a la Klarika Huszar:

Anyway… after walking around for a half hour in the cold to find this place we wanted to eat (like I mentioned earlier, things are difficult to navigate in Japan so this happens quite often.  It’s actually even worse in Oyama where Frank explains to me how to get places and I forget…).


Wanting to avoid rush hour traffic, we decided to head to Shinjuku since we hadn’t seen much of that area either.  As usual I was hungry, so we ate at an all-you-can-naan-and-rice Indian place.

There was a Japanese animal game show on during our lunch:

Then, we walked around for a while and saw the following things:

Shit got difficult around 5 p.m.  By then it had gotten cold and between my bag and the DSLR my neck was killing me and all I wanted to do was sit.  Not having much money to spend, we both felt that walking around in stores was kind of pointless, so being in Tokyo at this point seemed really tiring.  But, it was 5 p.m. and there’s no way I’ll take a train in Tokyo at that time, so we walked around for a while more.

Please play while looking at the following photos:

It’s a song from an anime I love that comes to mind
when I’m in Tokyo (or looking at these photos):

Being the genius that I am, I somehow managed to injure my left knee and spent the better part of the night hobbling around.  We started looking for a Starbucks to loiter in, but ended up settling for the train station.  If you know me at all this will definitely put things into perspective: the pain in my knee was so bad that I turned down ice cream (for a while).

After about 10 minutes of sitting I’d tried to put some weight on it and actually cried from the shooting pain I felt.  (Don’t worry, guys.  Whatever I did, I was fine after taking a hot bath).  In the end my want for ice cream persevered, and I got my sorry ass up.


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I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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