Some things never change

I may have moved 7,000 miles away, but I’m still being stupid.  This is what my day is like while we’re just hanging around in the apartment.

I’ve been watching this in my spare time.  A compelling story
about a young panda and its baking adventures.

We watched all five parts, and occasionally Mike breaks out in silly cartoon panda’s voice.

If it’s possible, I think Japan’s actually making me more annoying… I walk around humming the theme song of the home center across the street, that panda’s voice, the meatball video, the singing parrot…

Nic Cage losing his shit…

(which reminds me of a great 5-Second Film)

and Ahnold

We also randomly recite the train announcements.  You know what I’m talking about, S.I.
Attention: the ferry will be docking shortly.  Please stay off the stairs, ramps, and landings until the ferry has come to a complete stop at the terminal.  Failure to do so may result in serious injury.  All passengers must depart the ferry at this time.  If you wish to make a return trip… ah crap that’s about the time I decide to pack up my belongings so I can’t remember the rest.


About Michelle

I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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