Still sick

Contrary to the post you’re about to view, I haven’t done much in the past few days.  New Year’s day I was pretty sick and I stayed in bed all day on the 2nd.  Yesterday I actually started feeling better, which was great.

Since I was feeling so much better I decided to leave the apartment.  I took a shower and made myself a much desired cup of coffee (but, oh, how I hate hand grinding!).  After we were both ready we took a walk to the thrift store since Mike’s hand-me-down bike had a flat.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted the very same coffee grinder Mike has at home in the back of the store.  I practically ran over to it to make sure no one else snagged it.

I’m sure he’ll want you to know that he has a much nicer grinder – a Rancilio that we drove to Philadelphia for – currently on loan to his brother (yep, it’s that good).

Then we picked up some things from the drug store & the grocery store.  This is a small add on to my earlier observations about Japan.

1. Refill packs are really common. In most stores, you pay a bit more for the bottle the first time you buy things.  The second time around, you buy these handy refill packs for $1 less on average.  They’ve got refills for every cleaning fluid, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.  Below: laundry soap, left, fabric softener, right.

2. Thoughtful packaging. Like I mentioned when we first got here, everything is wrapped in plastic twice over.  We’ve got this bag of cookies I picked up for ¥100 that, inside the large bag, are about 10 smaller packs of two cookies each for a good serving size.  In addition to that, sometimes you get a little bonus or gift with what you buy:
That’s right, our little containers of heavy cream come with a piping bag, just in case you’re making whipped cream out of it.  HOW CUTE!

Having only had a very weird sandwich (chunky PB, strawberry jelly, and banana slices), I was pretty hungry around 5 p.m. so I whipped up these bad boys:
Ginger-fried soybeans (daizu to chiriman no ageni) and
We then went to go get Mike a new bicycle (they’re generally under $100 here), but found that the store closed early because of New Years week.

After arriving home we made some chicken tikka masala – quite possibly one of my favorite things to eat ever.

Here’s the play-by-play!:
1. fry onions
2. add ginger & garlic
3. add super secret blend of spices
4. add marinated chicken cubes
5. simmer with cream
6. eat

Like I said, not a very exciting few days… though last night I did a bit of Japanese homework while Mike also studied.  I started coughing & not feeling so hot again so I took an Airborne and watched a little anime before hitting the sack early.  It was a pretty awful night.  I kept waking up, couldn’t get comfortable, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t relax.  I started coughing a bit which carried over to today.

Woke up, had bacon & eggs with oolong tea for breakfast.
And took some Sudafed with my OJ:

Did a few errands with Mike, got ramen for lunch (quite good when you’re sick), and snapped a few quick photos of the setting sun from our balcony before it (and its warmth) was gone for the night.

PS: the spice mixture isn’t at all a secret.  Here are a few that we used, but if you want the complete recipe I strongly suggest…

Curry: A tale of cooks and conquerors by Lizzie Collingham

A Cook’s Journey to Japan – Sarah Marx Feldner
if you’ve been interested in any of the Japanese meals I’ve been posting.

Both are available through the New York Public Library if you’d like to try before you buy!


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I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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