Mike and I took a trip to Tokyo again yesterday to see off our friend Billy who’s been studying abroad.  It wasn’t too eventful of a day.

Mike, Me, and Billy outside of Shibuya station in Tokyo with Hachikō’s statue. The statue is a monument to a dog who used to meet his owner, a professor at the University of Tokyo each day.  Professor Ueno died in 1925, but Hachikō waited at the station each day for 9 more years, so the locals built a statue to honor him.  The place was totally crowded with tourists waiting to take pictures (bleh), but Hachikō’s important to Japanese people, too.  Each April 8 they hold a ceremony for him at the station.  Photo courtesy of Billy.

After trying to find him for almost an hour, we met up.  Ate some ramen, walked around, tried and failed to go to Odaiba (remember Joypolis?)… we said our goodbyes to Billy then met up with a friend from back home who has a weeklong layover in Japan before heading to Australia for her study abroad.  Thinking about that made me a little sad.

“Aw, man.  Billy studied abroad, Wednesday’s going… almost all of my friends at home went somewhere.”

Then I remembered I live in Japan 😀

Here are some photos from the day:

“We halfway there”
From afar I hear the unmistable (and, by myself, much hated) chords to a Bon Jovi song.  Low and behold, a young Japanese man with beautiful hair and far too much leather was singing his little heart out.

That’s about all I could bear.  As I stood there in the freezing cold, iPhone in hand (my generation’s lighter), I thought it awfully mean of me to be recording this man to later make fun of him, so I decided to WOOOO and cheer for him.  He’d be thrilled that a white person approved, right?  Well, his friend sure was because he ran up to me and gave me a flyer about the singer.  Oh, Japan ♥.

Now, this next thing I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing in person, but it sure is great:

We also hung around in Oyama today with Mark.  Got some Mosburger, groceries, went to an arcade (videos tomorrow, maybe), and bought some cool things.  I have to go downstairs into the school, though, to plan my lessons for the week.  Have a good night, all.


About Michelle

I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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One Response to Yesterday

  1. Klarika says:

    “Then I remember I live in Japan.” hahah, that trumps everything 😀

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