Hi all.  Just wanted to quickly remind you that I haven’t forgotten about my blog.  The new school year started in Japan this week.  Consequently, I’ve been really busy replanning lessons and adjusting to a fluid schedule when I’m not inundating my boss with questions.

I am, however, reading this in my spare time:

Give it a look.  Some really interesting stuff in this book, and even a bit funny at times.  I’ll post a la Klarika Huszar when I’m not neck-deep in post-its and textbooks.


About Michelle

I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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One Response to Busy

  1. Klarika says:

    Nice! I have a few books backlogged right now, but I’m gonna pick this one up as soon as I get a chance. I like David Brooks, too. I also wanted to try out Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat. Ah, well. Still have like 30-something books. Plenty of time.

    Can’t wait to read your review!!!!

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