Wyatt Cenac

I got to video chat with Wyatt Cenac last night.

You may know him as a correspondent on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but I know him as James Ingram in Yacht Rock:

The live chat was a promo up on comedycentral.com for his special, Comedy Person.  It airs tonight (May 14) in NY 11 p.m.

After sitting anxiously after Mike’s MacBook light went off, we eventually popped up on screen with Wyatt.  There was a HUGE delay, but he was very nice about it.

We told him we were calling from Japan and he asked how everything is over here, if we were here for the earthquake and how far we are.  Really, really nice guy.

Our question to him was, “How did you get cast as James Ingram in Yacht Rock?”  Turns out he knew the guy who plays Michael McDonald and hosts the Yacht Rock series on YouTube (see his channel here).  Wyatt had wanted to participate in an episode for a while, and was perfect to play a drunk James Ingram.  “Plus, I got to wear a ridiculous turtleneck,” he said.

I then ran around the apartment for 20 minutes yelling, “We talked to Wyatt!!!”  I’m a loser.

They plan to post the recorded live chat up on the web.

And, here it is; your moment of zen:

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I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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4 Responses to Wyatt Cenac

  1. Klarika says:

    whoaaa super cool!

  2. He’s a really nice guy. My friend Kevin took me to videogum’s third birthday party and Cenac performed along with a few other comedians. When he walked in, he came up to the bar next to me. I asked him, “You have to pay for drinks? Don’t they know who you are?” and he said, “I can’t get away with saying shit like that. You probably have a better chance with it than me.” He offered to get my drink, too, but I said to him, “No, it’s fine. They know me here.” He didn’t laugh, I think he missed the joke/was offended…
    Nevertheless, he was really nice and I’m glad that your interaction with him went better than mine!

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