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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 in Japan

If you haven’t read the book or seen the film, stop here.  Someone ruined the end of the sixth book for me, and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you. This post will be part Japanese theatre experience, part … Continue reading

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Where I was for the Great Tohoku Earthquake

This is Ohirashita Station in Tochigi.I was stranded at this station for five hours on March 11, 2011. (Read my account of that day here.) It’s been seven months now that I’m in Japan.  So long, in fact, that on … Continue reading

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Flies having sex on my bike seat

It’s days like this I’m glad I have a seat bike cover. Oddly, this is not the first time I have witnessed this natural occurence.  Two flies were having sex on the driver-side window of my car once.

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3.11.11 – “Now is the winter of your discontent!”

I found this today in a whirlwind of cleaning.  I’ve been sneezing like crazy lately since dust is a huge problem here.  Japanese people actually say the dust travels over from China. Anyway, I knew this calendar fell off of … Continue reading

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An expatriot on the Fourth of July

It is weird not being in America on the Fourth of July. This is one of the last things I thought I’d care about while living abroad.  I define myself more readily as a New Yorker than an American.  Despite … Continue reading

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