3.11.11 – “Now is the winter of your discontent!”

I found this today in a whirlwind of cleaning.  I’ve been sneezing like crazy lately since dust is a huge problem here.  Japanese people actually say the dust travels over from China.

Anyway, I knew this calendar fell off of our TV the day of the 9.0 earthquake but waited a while to fish it out.  Okay… four months.  Shut up!

So, seeing the quote displayed that day I was a bit creeped out.  I’d hardly call what I experienced following the Great Tohoku Earthquake discontent, but the quote resonated nevertheless.


About Michelle

I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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One Response to 3.11.11 – “Now is the winter of your discontent!”

  1. Klarika says:

    Yeah, the Yellow Dust is a huge problem. One day it was really bad in Korea (I didn’t know it at the time)–I was outside all day and just kind of thought “huh, the sky is really weird today” as in the sky was urine-colored, but I thought it was about to rain. Only when I returned to my room (after being outside ALL day) did I find out that it was a really bad dust level day. I was wondering why everyone had surgical masks on…

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