Some Saturday students

A few kids were absent today, so I’ll post again next week (pending their attendance).  Excuse me in every photo.  I’m making the kids thank you cards with our pictures before I leave so I wanted to be in them.

A note about pronunciation for the names… Japanese vowels sound like:
a – “ah” like in ox
e – “ey” like hey
i – “ee” like in kiwi
0 – “oh” as in close or open
u – “ooh” as in flute

Saya, 11.  Lived in Indiana for four years and plays the tuba.  She’s very neat – always uses a ruler to draw line in class.

Sae, 8.  Lived in London for a year and has a bit of a British accent.  She also has karate class on Saturdays.  Sae’s usually tired in class, and if I ever ask her about it she gets the cutest smile.  She also does this when she forgets homework.  Kid knows what she’s doing!

Grabbed his favorite animal-face book as soon as he saw the camera.
Yuya, 4.  His favorite color is red, and he loves to make monster faces at me and read the scary Halloween pop-up book on the table.

Yuna, 10.  She’s studying high school-level English and reads excellently.  Yuna’s an extremely polite little lady.  She also has a very cute piano pencil case.

Nao is 14 and will start high school in April.  She’s Saya’s sister, so she also lived in Indiana for four years.  Her English is very good – possibly the best of my younger students.  She has super cute notebooks and is also studying French.

Hiromu, 14.  He just got back from a homestay in Australia that my city paid for since his English is so good.  He was beaming all throughout class today.  Don’t worry, I know I look insane in the picture.  Hiromu loves Harry Potter and is an excellent badminton player.

Nana is 18 and starts college next year!  She’s just a few years younger than me.  Her English is also excellent.  For homework she’s watching the new Karate Kid movie and transcribing the English.

Fumie, 12.  Today was my last class with her! I’m so sad about it; she’s such a sweet girl.  She had the cutest way of reading things.  Her school club is volleyball and on Saturdays she usually has practice from 7 a.m. to 1 or 2 p.m., so she’s pretty tired by class time.  Fumie was watching Charlotte’s Web for homework.  Every week when students leave, I say, “See you next week.”  In Japan, they usually just say “see you,” so I’ve been trying to teach the kids the proper way.  Well, today when Fumie left I just said, “See you.”  As she went down the hall she turned back and said, “See you… some day.”  I could’ve cried.

Mayu, 14, is the sweetest, friendliest person I know.  If I accidentally leave a book in the teacher’s room, she says sorry to ME.  She’s a very gracious girl.  I once gave her a post-it that said, “Good luck, Mayu!” for her English conversation contest, and she was thrilled about it.  Mayu’s watching Full House for her homework, and the first day I met her I told her I loved Full House as a kid because my name’s Michelle and there was a little girl, just about my age, named Michelle.  She thought it was adorable.  She’s a very active girl.  Mayu gets up at 6:30 every day and goes running before she goes to school.  She’s in the tennis club and also likes to play basketball.

Yousuke (pronounced yōhskay), 12.  A very nice, smart boy.  He’s my last student before the weekend starts and I couldn’t ask for a better class.  I’m always in a good mood leaving because of our conversations.

Photos of Tuesday students.


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I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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3 Responses to Some Saturday students

  1. Francesca says:

    I love the way you describe your students!

  2. Klarika says:

    Loved this, can’t wait to see your other classes

  3. mom says:

    Loved this blog,so great to see you with your students
    As your MOM & DAD

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