Tuesday students

A few students were absent today, so I’ll update this next week (pending attendance).

A note about pronunciation for the names… Japanese vowels sound like:
a – “ah” like in ox
e – “ey” like hey
i – “ee” like in kiwi
0 – “oh” as in close or open
u – “ooh” as in flute

Tomohito, 5, and Maiko, 4.  We watched Peter Piper in class today and Maiko was giggling so hard at the girls not being able to say the tongue twister.  She’s super cute.  Tomohito’s a bit of a challenge.  He likes to hide his vocabularly bags and playing games is a bit rough… he gets quite upset if he loses.  Last week he cried hysterically because of it.  He’s a pretty good kid, though.

Mione, 7, and Shota, 8.  Both very bright kids.  Mione likes to tease me if she catches me yawning in class.  She also draws little pictures of she and me, once writing, “I love Mishel” under it.  Shota also draws cute little doodles in his notebook of things related to the reading.  He’s Yousuke’s younger brother (see Saturday).

Top: Yuki, 11, Chinatsu, 10, and me, 22.  Bottom: Tomoya, 9, Daiki, 8, and Haruka, also 8.  I don’t know why nearly none of them are smiling!  They are one of my quietest classes, though (when the boys aren’t acting up, of course).  The girls are all very soft-spoken, even a bit shy but all smart.  Tomoya and Daiki are great, so long as they don’t sit next to one another.

Ami is Daiki’s 5-year-old sister.  I don’t know why she’s not smiling either!  Ami’s usually a big ball of giggles.  There’s a song we sing at the beginning and end of each kindergarten class: “Hello, hello, hello, how are you? I’m fine, I’m fine.  I hope that you are too.”  Well, cute little Ami likes to walk in and start yelling the goodbye song.  She’s a trip.  She also yells her ABCs and flies through her workbook.  Ami might’ve just been tired today.  Her class is from 6:20 – 6:45.  Pretty late for a five year old.

[There should be a photo here of my adult group class but the man in the class was absent so I’ll update it next week as long as they’re all there.]

Dr. Terakado studied at a Lutheran high school in America as a teen.  He’s an M.D. with a private practice who enjoys singing opera.  We’re studying Japanese culture and history, mostly in English with Dr. Terakado expanding on some of the more difficult ideas.  He’s probably my most studious student!

Kenji just turned 13 on August 14th.  He’s a very smart, sweet boy.  Whenever he mispronounces something he holds his hand up over his mouth and apologizes.  He also helps me put all the chairs back after class.  Kenji absolutely HATES using more than one line in his notebook for a sentence, and I always get a kick out of watching him hanker down and try to squish eight words into half an inch of space.  He usually does, it too.  Sometimes I joke around with him and read the last part extra fast, to show him how much is left.  He always looks up with a no-you’re-kidding-me face.

Photos of my Saturday students.


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5 Responses to Tuesday students

  1. Klarika says:

    I love the last picture, and omg your hair is getting longer!

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  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you! I love it, too. Kenji’s the only one who looks as excited as me haha. It IS longer! It’s almost back to normal now… Almost.

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