Friday Students

My adult group class was absent, so I’ll post a photo of them next week.

A note about pronunciation for the names. Japanese vowels sound like the:
a – “ah” in ox
e – “ey” in hey
i – “ee” in kiwi
0 – “oh” in close or open
u – “ooh” in flute

Seven-year-old twins Miu and Shu.  They scream hello up the stairs when they enter the school and their absolute favorite game is UNO.  Shu’s favorite color is purple and he always asks me to mark his homework with it.  He also demands stars on most of his stuff.  Miu’s nosey and likes to check that she and Shu are getting all the same things right and wrong.  Shu writes a bit faster than his sister, but I think Miu knows more words.  Shu also likes to snoop a bit.  He went in my bag last week and got some mints and always remarks about my drink, be it C.C Lemon, Coca-Cola, or water.  He also calls me (rosuman mishieru sensei).  Sometimes he says sunglasses at the end of it because he saw my sunglasses once.  They’re cute kids.

Doesn’t Kouhei looked thrilled?  He’s 12-years-old and still in his rebellious stage.  He says no every week when I ask him if he’s got his homework.  More often then not, he does not have it.  He steals my recorder (for pronunciation review and to protect the school) and flash cards.  His pronunciation and reading is good and he has little difficulty writing.  Kouhei’s on the tennis team at school.

Risa, 11, is a total sweetheart.  She used to be in a group class with Kouhei and another boy who were an absolute nightmare together (they almost made the previous teacher quit), and Risa was always backing me up and helping clean up/keep things in order.  She writes very quickly and talks to herself a lot in Japanese during class.

As you can see, Takumi and Haruki are adorable.  Sometimes they can be a handful, but it’s just because they’re joking around and I can’t blame them for it.  Takumi, especially, has made up silly phrases for punctuation such as:

exclamation point: exutomitossupointo
open quotation: open condishana
close quotation: close potato (I came up with this one.)
period: pigureto, or, Piglet, in English.\

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