Scarf knitting

I made this scarf for my fashionable friend Christina for Christmas.

As you can see, it is a navy scarf.  This piece is 18 cm wide (~7 in.) and 162 cm long (~5’4″).  It was knit with US size 7 needles and some kind of acrylic yarn.  I live in Japan, so forgive me but I don’t know the specifications of the yarn as I cannot read the label.  I know I used four skeins.

The pattern is “Mom’s Sophisticated Scarf” from Debbie Stoller’s excellent book, Stitch N’ Bitch Nation.  Available at Amazon, probably your local book store, or free from the New York Public Library.  If you’re more of a visual person, check out knitting tutorials on YouTube.

It is a basketweave that requires careful attention at first, but once you get into the rhythm of the pattern it’s a breeze.  I’d categorize myself as a beginner, so as long as you can knit, purl, and know how to count it shouldn’t be a problem!  I’m too lazy and cheap to buy a knit counter so I just kept a tally on a little piece of paper to keep track of the pattern.

My friend actually said it reminded her of a French boy, which I much prefer to a sophisticated mom when thinking of fashion.

The reverse side of the pattern is shown on the yellow scarf.

Here is an alternate view, along with a mustard yellow scarf of the same pattern I knit for myself last year (Photo of it as a work in progress here).  You may notice that the detail of the pattern does not show up well with the darker yarn.  It’s also incredibly difficult to photograph.


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I lived in Japan for a year & a half teaching English. Now I'm blogging about learning to cook in NYC.
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